Soil Health Workshop: Applying Compost on Cropland

The Placer Resource Conservation District is hosting an in-person soil health workshop Monday March 6th from 9 AM – 12 PM. Compost spreader demo & farmer insight; Compost impacts on soil & water; Cost & logistics of Compost Application; Tools for nutrient management

Rx Fire 101 Workshop – Foresthill

Placer RCD is dedicated to equipping private landowners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement low-complexity prescribed burns. Our workshop series is taught by local experts and is focused on teaching landowners how to conduct safe, legal, and ecologically beneficial prescribed burns. The workshops cover a variety of topics including permitting, liability, burn unit […]

PT Ranch

When the opportunity to farm my family’s ranch came about, we decided to take up the challenge. Growing up riding and working cattle on the ranch had awakened in me a persistent, itching nostalgia for old-world cattle ranching that did not wane as I grew older, married Ned, had children and became an interior designer […]