About CFDN

About the network

When producers and land stewards witness firsthand the many benefits of practices that are centered around the care for our soil, air, and water, it encourages adoption of these practices in similar operations throughout California

In May of 2017, the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, California Farm Bureau Federation, California Department of Food and Agriculture, University of California at Davis, and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form the California Farm Demonstration Network (CFDN). 

Watch this 3 minute video about the signing ceremony and founding of the network!

About the website

This website provides a platform to serve the purpose of the Network to increase the adoption of conservation agriculture, soil health and climate-smart systems in California. The goals of the Network include:

  1. Participatory learning resulting in the adoption of improved practices grounded in sound science- and experience-based principles.
  2. The public, voluntary showcasing of innovative systems developed by experienced farmer leaders. 
  3. A program of farm demonstration evaluations that employ monitoring, data collection, and analysis of findings. 
  4. The use of proven, creative methods for sharing, discussing and communicating results and findings to scale-up even broader adoption of improved systems.

The operations and events found on this website are those of farmers and producers working with trusted agricultural technical assistance providers from the CFDN network: Resource Conservation Districts, Farm Bureaus, UC Cooperative Extension, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and many others.

The CFDN aims to be inclusive of as many different ecosystems, production systems, and innovative conservation practices for which there is interest. There are over 400 specialty crops grown in the state along with the other commodities, livestock, and forestry products grown in California. Each Has the potential to improve soil, air, water, and ecosystem outcomes through farmer-to-farmer farmer learning and innovation.

The CFDN is intended to continue in perpetuity, and to adapt and modernize just as California farmers do. As the network expands, it can foster new information chains and partnerships on the state and local levels. 

Get on the map [Link to map] to discover and share your own journey. 

Note: No entity makes a profit from this website