Technical Assistance

CDFA, NRCS, CARCD, UCANR, and CFBF are all committed to strengthening and streamlining Technical Assistance through the voluntary  efforts of landowners and land-managers across landscapes and land types. Each partner contributes a unique element to that process that is unlike the others. The key goal is improving technical assistance that leads to increased opportunities for natural resource conservation for all customers.

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Program information

CDFA: Policy and Funding Support for Cropping Systems and Conservation


CARCD & local RCDs: Outreach and Technical Assistance on Conservation and Leveraging Resources


UC ANR Research and Outreach: Cropping systems and conservation practices

  • Robust system of producer outreach and education staff
  • Research targeted to serve producers’ needs, spread across six focus areas (4H & Families, Agriculture & Pest Management, Environmental and Natural Resources, Food & Health, Innovation & Economic Development, Yard & Garden)


NRCS: Conservation planning and implementation and funding for conservation practices


CFBF: Technical assistance from your local county Farm Bureau

Other nonprofits exist around the state that offer agricultural technical assistance as well.

Or contact us directly and we can steer you toward your local resources: