Phil Foster Ranches

Phil and Katherine Foster┬áfarm 295 acres of┬áC.C.O.F.┬ácertified organic fruit and vegetables on two ranches near San Juan Bautista and Hollister, California.┬á We have a diverse range of crops, marketing up to 60 produce items at the peak of the season.┬á We sell at the┬áfarm on Saturdays, at┬áfarmers markets, through local┬áretail stores,┬álocal wholesalers, and several national […]

Sowing Seeds of Change

THE VISION CORE VALUES: Love, Respect, Stewardship, Diversity. Sowing Seeds of Change has a mission to empower our participants to discover and and actively engage in a local food system that encourages healthy living, nurtures the environment, and grows a sustainable community through vocational training, youth entrepreneurship, and leadership opportunities. Our primary objectives and vision […]

Be Love Farms

We are developing a model of a diverse food production system, believing variety to be more resilient to world and climate unrest and more fun. We produce dozens of different foods from Asparagus to Zinfandel. Thus we are jacks of many trades and masters of none. While some of our fruits and veggies end up […]

Santa Cruz Permaculture Farm

Coastal regenerative permaculture farm. As of April 2022 we are stewards of a beautiful 26-acre farm near Davenport, CA. The land has been managed organically for the past 30 years and now we are transitioning to a regenerative, organic, no-till, mixed vegetable, flower, fruit, herb, and agroforestry farm with a strong emphasis on education. Our […]


We have been practicing Biodynamic methods since 2014 and received our Demeter Biodynamic® certification in 2017. We believe that working with nature is far more productive and efficient in producing grapes with exceptional characteristics.