USDA-NRCS Lockeford Plant Materials Center (CAPMC)

Photo of USDA-NRCS Lockeford Plant Materials Center (CAPMC)
Our main focus is to develop plant technology for addressing resource concerns, which in California include; soil health, water-use efficiency for water quality and quantity, air quality, wildlife habitat and land restoration. The CAPMC has developed and maintains conservation plant releases, which include native and non-native releases with application for range and pasture enhancement, cover cropping systems and wildlife habitat.
Region: North San Joaquin Valley
Production Systems: Field and Row Crops, Flowers / nursery plants / turf, Hay / alfalfa, Native Habitat (Low / No Management)
Crops/products: Cover Crops, Native Plants, Seed Native
Conservation Practices: Conservation Cover, Cover Crop, Hedgerow Planting, Wildlife Habitat Planting


Margaret Smitther-Kopperl
Networks/Hubs: CDFA Healthy Soils Demonstration Project