Unruh Farms

Photo of Unruh Farms
Colusa walnut farmer Daniel Unruh has been in the process of transforming the conventional family farm he inherited from his father-in-law into what he intends to be a model for Regenerative Agriculture. It has taken time and effort—and he still uses fertilizers and chemicals in what he believes is an intermediate stage of the process—but the work of regenerating his soil is already paying off with thriving fields and higher net profits. So much so, in fact, that most of his local community is starting to follow his lead.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Orchard and Vine Crops
Crops/products: Walnuts English
Conservation Practices: Compost Application, Compost Purchased From a Certified Facility, Cover Crop, Hedgerow Planting, Integrated Pest Management, Irrigation Water Management, Livestock Integration, Mating Disruption, Mulching, Regenerative Farming Practices, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Roller Crimper, Sap Analysis


Daniel Unruh
Farm Owner
Networks/Hubs: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), CSU Chico Center For Regenerative Agriculture And Resilient Systems (CRARS), Understanding Ag Soil Health Academy