Table Bluff Farms

Photo of Table Bluff Farms
Table Bluff Farm is a first-generation, woman-owned, 2-acre micro-farm situated on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, nestled between the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the mouth of the Eel River in Loleta, California. Hannah Eisloeffel founded the farm and runs it with her partner, Nic; their dog, Farmer; and a heritage Kunekune pig named Pumpkin. Table Bluff Farm puts the planet before profits to ensure that all can participate in a vibrant, regenerative food system that reflects and shares Nature’s Bounty in Humboldt County.™ They currently offer the lowest-priced CSA food box in Humboldt County for low income families, as well as barrier-free CSA boxes to the Wiyot Native American reservation nearby.
Region: North Coast
Production Systems: Flowers / nursery plants / turf, Livestock, Vegetables
Crops/products: Flowers Cut, Hogs and Pigs, Leafy Greens, Pumpkins
Conservation Practices: Hedgerow Planting, Pollinator Habitat, Regenerative Farming Practices, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Rotational Grazing


Hannah Eisloeffel
Farm Owner
Networks/Hubs: Kiss the Ground