Sierra Orchards

Photo of Sierra Orchards
Sierra Orchards is an organic farm located along the Putah Creek in Winters, California. At Sierra Orchards, we are dedicated to using holistic and regenerative farming practices that preserve natural resources and surrounding ecosystems while creating the highest quality and nutrient-dense foods. The practices that we incorporate on our farm are not new to modern farming. Regenerative agriculture is a Native concept and way of thinking, preserved by the ancient traditions and way of living of indigenous peoples across the world. We are learning and borrowing from their knowledge and wisdom.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Native Habitat (Low / No Management), Orchard and Vine Crops
Crops/products: Walnuts English
Conservation Practices: Beneficial Insects, Compost Application, Cover Crop, Hedgerow Planting, Livestock Integration, On-Farm Produced Compost, Pollinator Habitat

Sheep in Walnut Orchards


Emily McNamara
Farm Manager
Networks/Hubs: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)