Riverfront Farm

Photo of Riverfront Farm
Riverfront Farm at the Barn is approximately 1/4 acre, and this diversified vegetable farm is located in an exciting, up and coming location in West Sacramento, directly next to the Barn in The Bridge District (TBD). The Barn is a phenomenal building which is not only an architectural gem but also houses Drakes Brewery and hosts a wide array of events throughout the year. Much of what is grown on the farm will be featured in the menu at Drakes. Riverfront Farm specializes in unique melons, veggies and herbs. Produce from this farm is grown without the use of chemicals and is focused on sustainable practices that are good for the earth and consumers.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Diversified, Organic, Urban Agriculture, Vegetables
Crops/products: Fruits and Vegetables, Spices and Herbs
Conservation Practices: Compost Application, Organic, Non-Certified


Heather Lyon
West Sacramento Urban Farm Program Coordinator
Networks/Hubs: California Farm Academy, CDFA Healthy Soils Incentives Program