Paulo Farms at StopWaste

Photo of Paulo Farms at StopWaste
Paulo Farms is a commercial beef cattle operation. It is family-owned and has been operating for over 30 years. StopWaste is a public agency that helps Alameda County’s businesses, residents, and schools waste less, recycle properly, and use water, energy, and other resources efficiently.
Region: Central Coast
Production Systems: Livestock, Native Habitat (Low / No Management), Rangeland
Crops/products: Cattle and Calves, Cattle Bulls, Cattle Cows, Cattle Heifers
Conservation Practices: Access Control, Carbon Farming, Compost Application, Fence, Livestock Pipeline, Pond, Prescribed Grazing, Range Planting, Soil Carbon Amendment, Soil Sampling, Structures For Wildlife, Watering Facility
General Soil Types: Clayey/Fine, Loamy


Joseph Paulo
Farm Owner
Networks/Hubs: CA Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN), Carbon Farming Network and Hubs, CDFA Healthy Soils Demonstration Project, Point Blue: Rangeland Monitoring Network, Resource Conservation District