Park Farming Organics

Photo of Park Farming Organics
Park Farming was founded in 1980 with processing tomatoes as the main crop. Through time the company perspective on farming shifted toward a more environmentally sensitive attitude, culminating in the transition to organic acreage in 1992. The change in company practices included more thoughtful crop rotation, extensive use of cover crops, gentler tillage methods, and fertility inputs that would build a balanced soil, promoting life in the growing medium. Due to the costly and risky nature of changing fields from conventional to organic farming, it took 20 years to achieve CCOF certification on 23 fields (1350 acres). The soil has evolved from almost sterile to one rich in earthworms and microbial life. The natural balance in the soil helps keep plants free from disease and pests. The Company farms with a conscience; fully aware of the responsibility that a farmer has to provide healthy, tasty food while working in concert with the soil and the surrounding environment. The flavor, aroma, texture, feel, and appearance of crops grown on this soil gives a new and fuller meaning to taste while providing an excellent nutrient balance for the consumer. Park Farming Organics is proud to be a simple, family farm run by the owners, Brain and Jamie Park. Past owners, Scott and Ulla Park remain tied to the farm activities as consultants. Brian and Scott are directly involved in day-to-day operations, enjoying the connection with the soil and living plants. They take pride in their work, and the quality they produce. The integrity of their work ethic results in timely deliveries and promises kept.
Region: North Coast
Production Systems: Field and Row Crops, Vegetables
Crops/products: Corn Sweet, Rice, Sunflower, Tomatoes, Wheat
Conservation Practices: Compost Application, Conservation Tillage, Cover Crop, Mixed Grazing, Organic, Certified, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Residue And Tillage Management, Reduced Till, Soil Health Practices


Scott Park
Farm Owner