NicNut Farms

Photo of NicNut Farms
What if we lived in a world where agriculture served the environmental, social, and economic good of all? Where agriculture didn’t compete with natural resources and local ecosystems, but instead preserved them? Where farmers and environmentalists worked together? At NicNut Farms, we don’t just believe it’s possible. We’re doing it right now. Join our climate-smart journey.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Orchard and Vine Crops
Crops/products: Almonds, Walnuts English
Conservation Practices: Biosolarization, Climate Smart Practices, Conservation Tillage, Cover Crop, Integrated Pest Management, Irrigation Water Management, Nutrient Management, Pollinator Habitat, Soil Health Practices


Rory Crowley
Senior Advisor
Networks/Hubs: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), Project Apis m.