Naumann Family Farms

Photo of Naumann Family Farms
Naumann Family Farms is implementing conservation practices including drip irrigation, conservation tillage, crop rotations, cover crops, and soil analysis.
Region: South Coast
Production Systems: Small fruit / berries, Vegetables
Crops/products: Beans Lima, Berries Blueberries, Berries Raspberries, Berries Strawberries Fresh Market, Berries Strawberries Processing, Broccoli Fresh Market, Cabbage Head, Cauliflower, Celery, Cilantro, Kale, Leafy Greens, Lettuce Romaine, Peppers Bell, Peppers Chili Hot, Vegetables
Conservation Practices: Compost Application, Cover Crop, Crop Rotation, Integrated Pest Management, Irrigation Water Management, Nutrient Management, Pest Management Conservation System, Residue And Tillage Management, Reduced Till, Soil Health Practices


Isa Marie McIntyre
Technical Assistant
Networks/Hubs: Farmer Veteran Coalition