McGrath Family Farmers

Photo of McGrath Family Farmers
McGrath Family Farmers is a collaborative of small certified organic farms and farmers that are growing healthy produce for our surrounding communities as well as training and supporting the next generation ofĀ regenerativeĀ farmers. RegenerativeĀ farming to us, is a system of agriculture that continuously improves environmentally, socially, economically. We strive to always further our education as growers and share this knowledge with others.
Region: South Coast
Production Systems: Diversified, Small fruit / berries, Vegetables
Crops/products: Berries Strawberries Fresh Market, Tomatoes Fresh Market, Vegetables
Conservation Practices: Cover Crop, Soil Health Practices


Isa Marie McIntyre
Technical Assistant
Networks/Hubs: CDFA Healthy Soils Demonstration Project, Farmer Veteran Coalition, Kiss the Ground