Desert Farming Initiative

Photo of Desert Farming Initiative
DFI’s mission is to advance climate smart farming and food sovereignty in the region. Demonstration: demonstrate sustainable vegetable and fruit farming practices, while bolstering the regional food system. Education: provide practical on-farm learning experiences for UNR students and develop resources for other growers. Outreach: actively engage with a diverse array of stakeholders to improve food security and prepare for farming in a changing climate. Research: conduct research in collaboration with academic faculty, other organizations, and industry to improve agricultural practices for desert climates
Region: High Desert
Production Systems: Bees, Diversified, Field and Row Crops, Flowers / nursery plants / turf, Herbs / spices, Native Habitat (Low / No Management)
Crops/products: Apples, Grapes Wine, Nursery Plants Vegetable Bedding, Vegetables
Conservation Practices: Beneficial Insects, Climate Smart Practices, Compost Application, Cover Crop, Hedgerow Planting, Hugelkultur, On-Farm Produced Compost, Pollinator Habitat, Regenerative Farming Practices, Vermicompost


Jill Moe
Networks/Hubs: Nevada Farm Network