California Olive Ranch

Photo of California Olive Ranch
California Olive Ranch is the largest grower of olives for extra virgin olive oil in California. Since 1998, we have pioneered new ways of cultivating, harvesting, and milling olives with one of the largest state-of-the-art production facilities in the country. We have ensured that the highest quality standards, sustainable farming practices, and premium production methods are consistently followed year after year with the support of our grower partners in California and beyond. With almost 50 products in our portfolio, we have quickly become a kitchen staple in millions of households and restaurants across the country. We partner with academic and research institutions to deploy rigorous studies on various conservation agricultural practices, such as cover cropping, organic amendments, and remote sensing for precision irrigation.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Orchard and Vine Crops
Crops/products: Olives
Conservation Practices: Alley Cropping, Beneficial Insects, Biological Amendments, Climate Smart Practices, Compost Application, Compost Tea, Cover Crop, Farmstead Energy Improvement, Field Operations Emissions Reduction, Hedgerow Planting, Irrigation Water Management, Livestock Integration, Mulching, Nutrient Management, On-Farm Produced Compost, On-Farm Recharge, Organic, Certified, Regenerative Farming Practices, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Sap Analysis, Soil Health Practices, Soil Sampling, Solar Panels, Stormwater Runoff Control, Structures For Wildlife, Water And Sediment Control Basin, Woody Residue Treatment – Chipping


Toni Longley
Agricultural Project Manager
Networks/Hubs: CDFA Healthy Soils Demonstration Project, CDFA Healthy Soils Incentives Program, CSU Chico Center For Regenerative Agriculture And Resilient Systems (CRARS), Resource Conservation District