Burroughs Family Farms

Photo of Burroughs Family Farms
Our family aims to produce the cleanest and most delicious foods in a way that protects and enhances the soil, air, water, and the environment in which we live. We work hard to use all resources carefully and wisely and to farm systematically while integrating all aspects of our farming operations. We employ a whole systems approach and are proud of our efforts to educate others in the methods and possibilities of organic farming. We’re committed to building relationships based on trust and to treating all partners and employees with respect. We are proud of our efforts to sustain family farming and to promote the preservation of quality farmland in California.
Region: North San Joaquin Valley
Production Systems: Livestock, Native Habitat (Low / No Management), Orchard and Vine Crops, Organic, Pasture
Crops/products: Almonds, Cattle Steers, Chickens Broilers, Eggs Chicken, Olives, Sheep and Lambs, Turkeys, Walnuts English
Conservation Practices: Alley Cropping, Compost Application, Compost Tea, Conservation Cover, Cover Crop, Hedgerow Planting, Integrated Pest Management, Livestock Integration, Managed Pasture Grazing, Monarch Habitat, Organic, Certified, Pasture and Hay Planting, Pasture-Based, Pollinator Habitat, Regenerative Farming Practices, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Residue And Tillage Management, Reduced Till, Riparian Restoration


Ward and Rosie Burroughs
Farm Owners
Networks/Hubs: CSU Chico Center For Regenerative Agriculture And Resilient Systems (CRARS), NCAT ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture