Be Love Farms

Photo of Be Love Farms
We are developing a model of a diverse food production system, believing variety to be more resilient to world and climate unrest and more fun. We produce dozens of different foods from Asparagus to Zinfandel. Thus we are jacks of many trades and masters of none. While some of our fruits and veggies end up at our restaurant, Gracias Madre, in the Mission District of San Francisco, our ultimate goal is to connect people with their food, the land, and their own hearts. Nature is a powerful teacher.
Region: Sacramento Valley
Production Systems: Field and Row Crops, Orchard and Vine Crops
Crops/products: Cattle and Calves, Flowers Cut, Olives
Conservation Practices: Mixed Grazing, Regenerative Farming Practices, Regenerative Grazing, Residue And Tillage Management, No Till, Soil Health Practices


Matthew Rose-Stark
Farm Manager
Networks/Hubs: Kiss the Ground