Healthy Soils Field Day Event – Effects of Vermicompost on Soils and Crops

STARTS: January 11, 2023 10:00 am
ENDS: January 11, 2023 12:00 pm

For the past 2 years, we’ve been applying vermicompost generated from BioFiltro’s worm powered water treatment systems to crops and soils. Hydrofocus, Inc and the project team at the University of California, Davis are studying the impact on soil health and greenhouse gas emissions. We are investigating the potential for integrating vermicompost into standard agricultural practices to improve soil health and sustainably increase harvestable yield of crops.

Vermicompost is nutrient-enriched, it benefits the microbial community, promotes plant growth, supports soil carbon sequestration, and suppresses soil and plant disease. As California moves to divert organic waste from landfills, vermicompost represents a competitive alternative soil amendment to green and food waste compost. Project results will help to develop guidelines for using vermicompost as a soil amendment and could facilitate the development of vermicompost production in California to diversify soil amendment products available to agriculture. With our outreach
activities we aim to familiarize farmers and the broader agricultural sector with the economic and environmental benefits of using vermicompost application as an agronomic practice.

Please join us at our upcoming Field Day to learn about the impact of vermicompost (worm poop!) on crops and soils.

Speakers include:
William Horwath, UCD Biogeochemist, Patrick Beckett from BioFiltro, Veronica Suarez Romero, graduate student
researcher at UCD, and more

Presentations will be held in a barn protected from the elements, and refreshments will be provided.
For inquiries or more detail, please email Nick at

REGION: Sacramento Valley
PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: Orchard and Vine Crops
CROPS/PRODUCTS: Walnuts English
ORGANIZATION NAME: BioFiltro, Hydrofocus, UCDavis, CDFA
EVENT LOCATION HOST: Turkovitch Walnut Orchard
LOCATION: 27606 Walnut Bayou Ln, Winters, CA 95694, USA